Okay so we are going to jump right into this post, keeping it short and sweet! Seriously check this out! Dunkin’ is bring a brand new donut to it’s menu, a Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut! This is something that I’m very confused about. Why in the world would someone want a spicy ghost pepper donut? Well apparently it is to prank the friends. Why in the world would someone want to prank their friends with this? Well apparently some people that are mean friends! Now the real question, who would eat this donut themself? Well…..me of course!

Next Tuesday on Weird Food Review Tuesday we are going to take on this spicy ghost pepper donut and we are going to record the whole thing on Facebook Live when I eat it on air! Now this is going to be the STRANGEST thing we’ve had on the weird food reviews but we will totally give it a go! Who’s ready? I’m not!