What’s popping B Fam?!?! Your boy Chewy coming at you with another installment of According to Chewy blogpost! This this time we are talking about a conversation with my girlfriend that got pretty heated and it’s all about candy! Let’s dive on in!

So last weekend I was in the car with my girlfriend when she had asked if I wanted to go back and forth with her on newlywed questions because if we got married and had to play the game she said she wanted us to be covered! In case for some reason the show comes back, we want to be ready to win! We were asking each other all kinds of questions and finally we got to the one that started this all. “What is your favorite candy?”

My girlfriend asked if I knew her’s and of course I said the correct answer, Snickers. She asked me what mine is, since I don’t eat that much candy, shocking I know. I told her that it depends if they were talking about candy or a candy bar. She looked at me telling me how they were the same thing. I told her in fact that they weren’t. This lead to an entire discussion about the differences in candies and candy bars. I told her we can’t judge a Kit-Kat the same way that we judge Jelly Beans.

This lead to me saying that my favorite candy is a Reece’s Cup but my favorite candy bar is a Butterfingers. She looked at me finally understood what I was saying and said “Okay, so what would you want me to say if I was asked the question?” I looked at her and said “Well I guess let’s just go with Reece’s!”

Am I crazy for thinking candy is different from a candy bar? Let me know what you think! Until next time, Chewy out!