What’s popping?!?! It’s your boii Chewy coming at you with another installment of the amazing According to Chewy blogpost. So I know we have had 2 different posts about this but this will be the last one. Why will this be the last one? Well because I finished the show and I have lots to talk about.

So to recap I originally watch lost when it came out. I was 7 when the first Wednesday night episode happened, I remember it was after Meet the Teacher night at school and the show was so cool. I didn’t understand it at all but I loved it. I watched it for those 6 years and was so let down when I saw that final episode. The only ending worse than the Game of Thrones finale. Well, I started rewatching the show in the beginning of September and it sucked me in. I didn’t want to watch it but I felt there was nothing left to watch on Netflix and Hulu. I fell in love with the show and I couldn’t stop watching it. That is where we find ourselves now.

I finished the last episode last night…I have no words. Lost completely duped me yet again! I fell for it SO HARD! I was thinking to myself just how great this show is. How the ending won’t even get me angry BUT HERE WE ARE! The show ending that everyone in the history of TV thinks is the worst ending and I thought I would maybe like it this time! NOPE! CHEWY WAS WRONG AGAIN! For those that don’t know how this TV show ends *SPOILER ALERT* everyone died in the first episode. Yep, that’s how it ends. The whole show was just a dream because when the plane crashes in the first episode all those years ago, everyone died.

How could you lead people on for 6 WHOLE YEARS adding all these twists and turns, different characters that come and go with intricate backstories and path crossing lives only to say “yeah none of that was real and everyone died.” LIKE C’MON!?!?! I feel like it’s 2010 all over again and I find myself complaining about this stupid show ending. NEEDLESS TO SAY I am disappointed and contrary to my last post, this show is no longer in my favorite shows list. If we learned one thing, DON’T WATCH THIS SHOW! YOU WILL BE LET DOWN! and if you watched it and want to rewatch it, YOU WILL BE LET DOWN AGAIN!