We should have been warned when Miley Cyrus released her rock inspired track Midnight Sky that she was thinking of going in a different musical direction. And we like it!

Someone on Twitter suggested that Miley dabble into the rock genre a little hard and create a whole album! Here is what Miles had to say…


So yesss???? So far Miley has collaborated with Stevie Nicks on a Midnight Sky mash-up called Edge of Seventeen:


She has also covered The Cranberries’ song Zombie:


And finally, Miley has talked about doing a whole album of Metallica covers!


So is “rock Miley” here to stay? And is her upcoming album Plastic Hearts going to be rock inspired? I guess we are going to have to wait until November 27th when the album drops.

How do you feel about this version of Miley? Comment below!