So I know I can’t be the only one hearing all these crazy stories about asteroids in the news lately right? We keep hearing all these stories in the news about how an asteroid came close to earth and there was a 1/4905235420984 chance that it would hit but it never did. Or maybe the casual “There will be a meteor shower tonight that in certain parts of Arizona and Siberia could be seen all night!” These stories have been happening like crazy lately and they leave me wondering when the next crazy astroid story is going to come out…Well it just happened.

Apparently in 2036 a huge asteroid will be able to be seen with the naked eye as it passes planet Earth. Thats a pretty crazy story within itself. But what the writers hid in that same story is that there’s a second asteroid coming by our beautiful planet in 2068 that scientists have moved from the “it’ll pass safely” category to the “Uh I don’t know now” category! WHAT?! How are you going to just casually slide that part of the story into our lives?!?! Whats that all about?

Well the good news is that the chance is still slim to none and we will have a more clear understanding about if it’ll come close around 2029. The second part of the good news is that 2068 is…well…48 years away! So we got a little bit of time to plan, plus I’m a big procrastinator so I guess we will deal with it in uh…48 years!