What’s popping? It’s your boii Chewy here for another installment of the According to Chewy blog and this time, well, I’m pretty sure the title says it all. We are talking about a very VERY expensive TV! Let’s jump right into it and start discussing this insanity!

So on Black Friday B&H Photo and Video had a half off sale on one of their TVs…but it really that much of a steal. Why? How could this be? A half off deal is an amazing steal! Well when the original price of the 98″ Samsung TV is $100,000, $49,999 isn’t that great of a deal! You heard me right, they had a 98″ TV for $100,000 at half off. THAT IS STILL $49,999!!!!! Want to hear the best part? Someone actually bought the TV!?!?! Absolutely insane right?

Now lets think of some things this person could’ve bought with that $50,000 instead of buying a TV. They could’ve bought a brand new Tesla Model Y. But this guy bought a TV. They could’ve put a big down payment on a house. But this guy bought a TV. They could’ve donated to charity, paid off their student loans, BUT NOPE! THIS GUY BOUGHT A TV!