What up! It’s your boy Chewy coming at you with another installment of the According to Chewy blogpost and we are talking about snowstorms and well, this upcoming snow storm that is supposedly coming on Wednesday.

So back home, growing up, whenever we get the news of a snow storm we had to run to the store as fast as we could to get bread, milk, and eggs. These are apparently the most important items anyone could get when a storm is coming. It also wasn’t just a few people going to the store and getting these things and then laughing going “we got the goods!” it was some serious business. You’d walk into a store and all the shelves where the bread, milk, and eggs were, were completely empty. WHY? What could you possibly be doing with bread, milk and eggs in a snow storm? Making some french toast, that’s about it!

Needless to say, when I got the news about the impending snow storm that could range from 3″ to a foot of snow the old habits kicked in and I went to the store and got the classic bread, milk, and eggs. I’ve been here coming up on two years, and last year we didn’t get a snow storm. This will be my first snow storm in Happy Valley. My question to you is, do you get the bread, milk, and eggs too? Or is it just a North Eastern Pennsylvania thing?