Whats popping?!?! It’s your boy Chewy coming at you with another installment of the According to Chewy blogpost! Been gone for a week because of vacation and in that time I was able to get through a lot of The Office but I realized it’s almost off of Netflix! Let’s jump into it!

So a few months ago Netflix announced that it would be pulling the TV show The Office from its show catalog since NBC is starting it’s new streaming service Peacock. This news left me SHOOK! The Office is one of my ALL time favorite shows. I kid you not I must’ve watched through this show at least 15-20 times. I can quote so many scenes, beat anyone in trivia, and any other thing I have to say to let you know I love this show.

So with that being said I decided in honor of the show being pulled from Netflix I thought one last watch through is what I need to do. So while I was on vacation last week I started the show over for one last time. I wanted to watch all 9 seasons, all 201 episodes! I started watching it whenever I could. When I was eating breakfast, while I was cooking and meal prepping, while working out, while going to sleep, any way I could get episodes in to watch through it one more time I tried. Even as I’m typing this post out I have an episode on the TV.

I’m nervous though…I’m only in the 5th season of this crazy binge! I have to make it through the rest of this season and four more seasons in just 3 days. Could I do it? Can I pull this off? Someone give me the motivation I need! I will keep you update on what happens next, if I make it or if I don’t, on the next installment of the According to Chewy blogpost!