What up y’all?!?! It’s your boy Chewy coming at you with another installment of the According to Chewy blogpost and this time we are talking about Ratatouille the Musical! Let’s dive right into this one!

So over the weekend, from Friday until Sunday, there was an opportunity for people to help out the Actors Fund Charity. For just $5 people were given access to the livestream of the Ratatouille Musical. You remember the movie right? The one where Remy the rat wants to become a chef? Yeah well they turned it into a musical and for 72 hours people could watch it and help out charity.

Now where did this idea for a Ratatouille musical come from? Well…Tiktok. Yep you heard me, TikTok. A school teacher made a song about Remy and posted it to Tiktok then others joined in on the fun and well the rest is musical history! Unfortunately I was only able to get the recap of the musical as I missed the 72 hour cutoff but I heard it was AWESOME! I hope they do a reshowing of the musical because I will be first in line to see this!