Jason likes movies. Almost all movies. Or finds some redeemable aspect of the movie. But Jason has finally met his match. Wonder Woman 1984 is garbage. 

There are the Top 6 things that don’t make sense or just plain silly.

  1. The Plot – There is a rock that grants wishes. So this is like Aladdin without the genie. Or like Infinity Stones from the Marvel Universe with no likable characters or backstory. With no consequences. It’s like they jotted down 20 ideas and forced it all together.
  2. The Cool Golden Outfit – Looks bad ass, used for no dang reason, and serves no purpose.  Then only after she gets the outfit beaten off of her, she then fights back?
  3. The Fight Scenes – Takes 45 minutes to see the first battle. And hey flip a truck like Batman Dark Night; #original. Then the big fight scene takes place in a power plant?
  4. Cheetah – Kristen Wiig (who is awesome) turns into a cat that looks like she jumped out a musical. Then she gets taken out with a power cable. What is this home alone?
  5. Villain – I like villains that have no chill, but does this dude even understand what he is doing? And, somehow the way his powers work throughout the movie change and only answer the wishes of those with bad intentions.
  6. Chris Pine – Love Chris Pine. But why is he in this movie? The only thing he does well is take over the body of an unwilling participant and almost gets killed a bunch.

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