Two Strangers on TikTok Recorded and Released a Song! [LISTEN]

Okay friends… I finally broke down a couple months ago and downloaded the popular social media app, TikTok. And now? I can’t stop scrolling… it’s definitely an addicting app. So if you don’t have time, don’t download it haha

MANY songs gained popularity because of TikTok, songs like:Ā Supalonely by BENEE and Gus Dapperton, Lemondade by Internet Money, Savage by Megan Thee StallionĀ and more!

And we may have another on the way… but the story behind this song is GREAT and the creation of the song originated on TikTok.

JESSIA aka jessiamusicĀ dropped some lyrics in her car and asked if they were good…

Clearly it was a bop because TikToker @elijahwoodsmusic picked up the clip and decided to produce the chorus!

JESSIA continued to write a first verse… Elijah picked THAT up and produced the line. After just several days, the WHOLE song is officially written, produced, and released… check it out:


Tell me this is not a bop! Ah I love it! What are your thoughts? Comment below!