• YOU: Okay Google, how are my poops?
  • Google: Pretty good, but you need more fiber in your diet.

Soon this type of conversation might actually take place. A company called Toto, is creating a new smart device in your bowl and its a Smart Toilet. Based on what you poop or pee, a smart toilet will give you recommendations on how to be healthier. It may even tell you if there is something concerning enough to make a doctors appointment.

They noted that their tech would analyze your physical and mental status each time you would use the loo. But not much else. Many companies are plopping into this space, but are pretty tight lipped on what to expect. Toto is not alone in its efforts. Multiple academic groups and companies are working on analyzing the ~raw data~ we create in the toilet. 

Source: https://mashable.com/article/toto-wellness-toilet/