Jason is a big fan of Easter Eggs. Not the ones that are chocolate or the ones laid by a bunny. Talkin’ about the ones for us nerds.

Easter Eggs encourage movie goers to re-watch movies to discover new nuggets of fun. Gives music album listeners insight to the stories that inspire the songs. Video game makers give homage graphically to their favorite influences. Rarely though, maybe not ever, has the President of the United States given us nerds an Easter Egg.

President Biden’s team has created a hidden message on the new whitehouse.gov website for anyone interested in applying for a job.

Buried in the HTML code in the Biden administration’s newly updated White House website has a welcoming message for tech workers who stumble across it:  “If you’re reading this, we need your help building back better.”

While this may not be as cool as finding a favorite comic book character in the background of a movie scene, it may give you a pay check. For more info here.