Well today is the day! Today is the day that I’ve been dreading since I announced it last week, the day where I take on the hottest chip in the world! I can’t stress enough how much I am not looking forward to this but we have to push on and take it on! So far there hasn’t been anything that I haven’t taken on during Weird Food Review Tuesday, and even though this one scares me a bit, I’m ready to take it on!

So a little backstory on myself with hot foods, I generally love spicier things. But as of late, in my old ripe age of almost 24 I really have come to find that hot foods are kinda my enemy. I start to sweat, my eyes get watery, and of course my mouth feels like it is on fire. So when taking on this Carolina Reaper Chip I already know I am going to need a TON of milk to cool my mouth down. Yep thats right, milk. For those that don’t know what I am talking about milk helps reverse the spiciness of a food more than actual water does.

So today at 5:30 I am going on air along with Facebook and Instagram Live to take on this challenge and I hope you enjoy the show that I put on while trying to eat this chip! Wish me luck! Peace!