Yesterday on air I was reading a story about how people in Chicago are going the actual extra mile to save parking spaces in this “Polar Vortex” with it being so cold and us continuously being hit by snow. It’s not your normal extra mile though, it’s not like they are roping it off or putting up signs or parking cones. They are doing insane things like this one man named Alan, who is dipping his jeans in water, putting them outside to freeze, and then standing them up in the parking spot. I’M SERIOUS!

This man is legit standing frozen pairs of jeans that look like invisible people wearing pants out in the middle of the street so no one parks in his parking spot. I was really confused on how he did this too so I decided, like I said I would on air, to go ahead and try it. Now I have a bit of a parking lot where I live so I don’t have to worry about neighbors taking my parking spot but I still figured I could throw the jeans up in front of my house and it would give my neighbors a solid laugh!

So last night when I got off of work I decided to try this out. I got home, grabbed an old pair of jeans that I use for fishing, and I soaked them in water for about an hour. I got them all water logged and tried my best to stand them outside. What happened when I woke up this morning to check was not that of what this guy in Chicago is getting but rather a frozen stiff pair of jeans laying in the snow.

Future note to self, don’t try this!