What’s happening?!?! It’s your boy Chewy coming at you with another awesome installment of the According to Chewy blogpost and this one has me super excited! Let’s jump right into this one!

I think the titled says it all Cheesy Tots ARE BACK AT BURGER KING! The GREATEST two things on the face of this planet, tater tots and cheese! These awesome Tots come back every once in awhile to BK and when they do you know I’m one of the first in line to grab them up! They are soft, crispy, crunchy, cheesy, and everything you want in a delicious tater tot. As you can tell they are one of my favorite things to get.

With that being said these tater tots are only here for a limited time and I’m not quite sure how long they will be here. What is really testing me is that for Lent this year I gave up going to ALL fast food places. So I have to sit here and fight back the urge to get these delicious little tater tots.

Best case scenario, they are still here after Easter so I can get my hands on them! If I don’t get my hands on them though…I think I can honestly say I have the best self control of all time!