What’s popping?!?!?!? As you can see by the title we are doing yet ANOTHER check in on my pushing through of re-binging the series Supernatural on Netflix. Let’s just jump right into this and get it going!

So I’ve finally reached the point of the show where I no longer remember anything going on in the series and it might even be where I left off while watching the first time! What I must say, this has to be one of my all time favorite TV shows I’ve ever watched! It has come to a point where, even though I’m only watching that show, I’m excited to turn it on. When I did that with Lost, I couldn’t wait for the season to be over. I just wanted to get every episode done and over with. That is not at all the case with Supernatural.

It’s come to a point where I wake up and say “Well it’s time to workout and eat, let’s get Supernatural on and start this day!” I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do though when this show ends. There are 327 episodes so I will admit, I’m not going to gloat about watching it because it’s kinda embarrassing to say you binge watched about a third of that in less than 2 months. But at the same time I’m glad I’m rewatching it because it’s such a great show! At this point in the series I would 10/10 recommend to anyone that loves supernatural/sci-fi/horror type movies and shows! It’s the perfect show!

Until next time this is your boii Chewy signing off!