What’s popping?!?! It’s your boii Chewy coming at you with another awesome installment of the According to Chewy Blogpost! Well this one is more of a complaint that I have with Daylight Saving Time but lets jump right into this anyway! Ready? Ready! Let’s get it going!

So Sunday we jumped back into our Daylight Saving Time grind of pushing those clocks forward so we could let it get dark out later and stay sunnier for longer! Everyone loves Daylight Saving Time Right? Well not me! Ever since we have pushed those clocks an hour ahead I can’t sleep! Not only can I not sleep but I’m insanely tired throughout the day! I don’t understand how both are possible but apparently during Daylight Saving Time anything is possible!

One thing I do enjoy about Daylight Saving Time though is that when I leave work it’s no longer pitch black outside. But being dark isn’t necessarily my issue it’s that I had to keep a light on at my apartment so I can see when I walked in. Won’t lie the electric bill went up during fall and winter! But at least I won’t have to do that anymore! So I guess in the grand scheme of things thats a plus!

Oh well I guess it happens though! We have to learn to live with being tired right? Or maybe I can just start going to sleep earlier and that might help right? I should probably go with that one!