Why are people so mad about who is dubbed the sexiest bald man? I guess some folks need something silly to be passionate about right now?

Before we get into this, if you had to choose ONE man you think is the sexiest bald man ever… who would you choose?

Jason Statham? Pitbull? Keegan-Michael Key? Stanley Tucci? Mike Tyson? DWAYNE ‘THE ROCK’ JOHNSON?!

All of those are acceptable answers. You know who isn’t? Prince William.

Okay, that was mean. Prince William isn’t MY choice and apparently a lot of other people agree.

Britain’s Prince William reacts as he hosts an outdoor screening of the Heads Up FA Cup final on the Sandringham Estate, Britain August 1, 2020. Tim Merry/Pool via REUTERS

Mostly, the internet wanted justice for Dwayne Johnson and Stanley Tucci. Even The Rock chimed in with his thoughts!


Okay, so who is YOUR right answer? Comment below!

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