What up?!?!? Your boii Chewy coming at you with yet ANOTHER AWESOME installment of the According to Chewy blog posts and we are talking about what watching 8 hours of American Idol in one day does to someone! Let’s dive in!

So this weekend I was getting ready for bed when my girlfriend said, “will you stay up and watch an episode of American Idol with me?” I agreed even though I had seen an episode all season but my girlfriend informed me she recorded a bunch of episodes, and was on the one where they duet with each other, which I guess is early in the season. So I stayed up and we watched the episode which I had no idea was 2 HOURS LONG!

Now they left that episode on a cliff hanger ending and I kinda wanted to see what happened so I told her I’d stay up to watch the beginning of the next episode, where they audition to be in the Top 24, because I wanted to know what happened. So needless to say I ended up watching that entire two hour episode where yet again, they left it on a cliff hanger. I told my girlfriend that I was super tired and would only watch the beginning of that episode, this one where they duet with a celebrity singer.

So now after finishing that episode and being a total of 6 hours into American Idol I just had to watch the next 2 hour episode and get all caught up with the season. Before I knew it, I was 8 hours deep into American Idol and now I am hooked. I have no clue how stop watching this show either, I’m actually counting down the minutes until the next episode! Any suggestions?