What’s up everyone?!?! Time for another awesome installment of the According to Chewy Blogpost. This one is a little different than all the ones in the past, I finally became an uncle and I matured a little bit! Let get it going!

  So this all started when my brother and I were driving across country back in June. On our way back from Wyoming we were driving through Kansas when my brother got a phone call from his fiancé. My brother was on the phone, I was driving so I wasn’t really paying attention to the conversation until my brothers’ tone changed from a normal relaxed to a soft caring sound. When he got off the phone I could see there was a smile on his face and tears somewhat starting to swell in his eyes. He told me for the first time…he was going to be a dad. The foster to adopt agency had finally found a fit for them, a little 2 year old girl. He was so excited, I was so excited, we wanted to drive the 20 hours all the way back that night but after a week of traveling we both knew we could only make it to Indiana.

  Fast forwarding my brother got back from my trip and went home to this awesome little girl. My parents and my sister both got to see her in the weeks past but with work I wasn’t able to find a time to make the long trek all the way down to Philly until this past weekend. My girlfriend, my parents, and myself all went down to finally meet my niece. On the ride down I was cracking jokes and having fun, being annoying and immature like always. But when I got to my brother’s front door it all changed.

  I walked inside and there was my niece! My brother said “Look it’s Uncle Chewy!” “Uncle Chewy?” I thought to myself, that’s totally weird but I like the sound of it. That beautiful girl stretched her arms out and ran over for a big hug. Then I realized a few things; first, holy poop I’m an uncle! Second I thought how awesome it was to see my brother this happy. And third…well the third thing I just felt old! I took up the duties of being an uncle from that moment on. I had a tea party, I pushed her around in the stroller when we went walking, I carried her when I could see my brother was tired from being a dad so I relieved the stress a little bit.

  I’m proud to say that this weekend…I got a little matured by becoming Uncle Chewy!