What’s up all you awesome peeps! Your boii Chewy coming at you with yet again, another installment of According to Chewy! This time, I’ve decided to rewatch another show that I love, only to be set up with utter disappointment again with the series finale! Let’s get into it!

So the other day I said you know what? It’s time to get HBO Max and rewatch Game of Thrones. I’ve already rewatched the show about 3 times after my initial watch through. But this time I’ve read some of the books and maybe I’d catch some things that I might’ve missed the last watch through. 

 Boy was I giddy when I started the series over. I was pumped, I forgot how amazing the first season was. All the little back story plots that I knew even more about now that I’ve read some of the books. I was so ready to watch certain events start happening like the War of the Five Kings or Jon Snow becoming a member of the Nights Watch! Needless to say I’m an entire game of thrones fan boy! 

But I realized something while watching this. As excited as I am to continue watching each next episode…I forget about the ending. I forget that after season 5…the show slowly goes down hill. I forget that the amazing show with so many different possibilities was cut short by the writers. I’m currently on Season 2 Episode 7 and things are great! I mean I remember watching these episodes and how amazing it was to watch them live every Sunday.

But then…I’m brought back to the Spring of 2019 when that last season aired live. When that awful season gave us 6 terrible episodes, each which could’ve been so much better if we just expanded the episodes! Needless to say I’m excited to re-watch the show for a 4th tome…but I’m afraid of the ending again!