Steve From Blue's Clues Still Loves Us [WATCH]

Blue’s Clues on Nick Jr. originally premiered in 1995 and is still going strong to this day! I was four when the show started, so you KNOW I was a fan of Steve (Burns) the host. That is until 2002 when Joe (Donovan Patton) took over. Then I may have lost interest…

Since then, Nick Jr. has reimagined the show with new host Joshua Dela Cruz that begun in 2019.

So if you’re keeping track at home, Blue’s Clues is celebrating 25 years! Recently the OG host posted a video pretty much saying, “you’re doing great sweetie!” Check it out here >>>

Why did I get way too emotional watching that? If you watched the show, then you probably know what I’m saying.

Also, why do I want to go back and watch some episodes for nostalgia purposes hahaha

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