More celebrities are facing lawsuits??

Just last week we were chatting about Dua Lipa facing a copyright lawsuit for her song Levitating from the band Artikal Sound System. But did you know that another group is coming after her for the same song?

A complaint on behalf of songwriters L. Russell Brown & Sandy Linzer was made and stated that Dua’s song sounds a lot like the beginning riff of A Wiggle and Giggle All Night from 1979 and Don Diablo from 1980.


Here is Dua’s song:


Do you think they sound alike?

Around the corner, Ed Sheeran is facing a similar lawsuit with artist Sami Chokri and his song Oh Why sounding similar to Sheeran’s Shape of You.

If you remember, Ed already gave credit to TLC‘s No Scrubs due to their similarities.


Finally, Normani and Sam Smith are under a similar microscope with their song Dancing with a Stranger, sounding and LOOKING similar to a song with a similar name from 2015.

Songwriters Jordan Vincent, Christopher Miranda and Rosco Banlaoi say elements from their song and imagery from the music video are similar to Normani’s and Sam’s song and video.


So how are we feeling about all of these comparisons? Similar or not? Comment below!