Zuckerberg is back at it with an upgrade to your Facebook layout. And tried to copy Slack and Discord.

Shows difference between discord and New FB

Discord vs New Facebook Layout

It’s been almost two years since Facebook launched its last major redesign.  The experience was frustrating to users even though it was an improvement over the previous design with new features. This time around, the improvements are far less clear. This is how it starts:

Starting Screen for New experience

Nearly all of the navigation elements, menus, and settings were moved to the left on the desktop version of the platform, with essentially no navigation on top of the page. It makes sense. Kinda. For those that are familiar with Discord & Slack. Here are two common actions:

How to find FB groups

How to find FB Pages

It’s also worth noting that the new design is not consistent with the design of Facebook’s mobile apps. What do you think of the new design? What works, what doesn’t?