Performing a tribute to a former band/group member brings out raw emotions from all other group members for quite obvious reasons.

But the Foo Fighters’ tribute concert to late band member Taylor Hawkins is truly emotional. Not just for the fact that one of the greatest drummers of all-time has passed away or for the fact that the six-hour long dedication concert saw multiple drummers brought on stage to help the Foo Fighters perform, but the choice of one drummer in particular is what stole the show.

Shane Hawkins, the 16-year-old son of Taylor Hawkins, came out on stage late in the set to help the band perform one of their most well-known songs, “My Hero”. A song with a heavy drum presence brought out the energy from Shane and all of the other band members. In the six-minute video below the emotions on the crowd, other band members, and especially lead singer and guitarist Dave Grohl’s face tell you just how everyone felt watching young Shane put on a performance for the ages as a tribute to his late father.

Needless to say – we were in tears watching this, with chills all over our bodies.