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Angela and Jason have teamed up with Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority and each month’s tips are below! Make sure to tag us in your pictures and use the #BGreen for your chance to be featured on our social media pages!

February 2021  Recycle Your Electronics!
Act 108 of 2010 (The Covered Device Recycling Act), bans all covered devices from landfills, however, the Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority offers a free drop off service for residents. Covered Devices includes desktop computers, monitors, laptops, computer peripherals and televisions.
Electronics Drop Off Hours: Mon-Sat; 8am-4pm.
Click here for their complete Guide to Electronics Recycling.
Courtesy centrecountyrecycles.org

January 2021  Recycle Your Batteries!
If your batteries look like AA or AAA (alkaline) & are NOT rechargeable, toss them in the trash. If your batteries are rechargeable or lithium, recycle them at a store like Best Buy, Staples or Home Depot.
Courtesy centrecountyrecycles.org

December 2020  Recycle Your Wrapping Paper and Boxes!
You can recycle “anything that rips” wrapping paper either curbside or in a recycling bin – gift boxes too!
Also, check in with your local municipality regarding curbside Christmas Tree recycling – this generally begins at the beginning of January.
Courtesy centrecountyrecycles.org

November 2020  Recycle Your Campaign Signs
Don’t know what to do with your campaign lawn signs? You can recycle them! All you have to do is drop them off at the Centre County Recycling center and place them in the campaign sign bin out front. They will only be accepting drop offs until December 7th!
Address: 253 Transfer Rd, Bellefonte, PA 16823
Courtesy centrecountyrecycles.org

October 2020  Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event
Recycle your hazardous items properly!
Friday, November 20 from 8am-4pm

Saturday, November 21 from 8am-2pm
What to Bring: Insecticides, weed killers, pool chemicals, cleaners, poisons, corrosives, flammables, oil based paints, CFL bulbs, fluorescent tubes and most other hazardous chemicals from households only.
What NOT to Bring: NO latex paint, NO motor oil, NO antifreeze, NO medications, NO batteries, NO ammunition, NO explosives
CLICK HERE for more info. Courtesy centrecountyrecycles.org

September 2020  Composting!
Backyard composting is an easy, inexpensive, and natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into valuable, nutrient-rich food for your garden while keeping these organic wastes out of our landfills.”
Centre Region Parks and Recreation is holding a Zoom class on how to compost!
CLICK HERE for more info. Courtesy centrecountyrecycles.org and CRPR.org

August 2020 – Do NOT Recycle These!
Make sure you do NOT put plastic grocery bags or Styrofoam in your curbside recycling bin! For a list of items that go in your bin, check out the Centre County Recycling Website Here: https://www.centrecountyrecycles.org/curbsiderecycling

July 2020 – Paper Shredding
The Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority does offer a paper shredding service in our Recycling Processing Building. Our shredding service was temporarily closed but has re-opened. The cost is $20.00 for up to 400 pounds of paper. If you have over 400 pounds of paper, please call for the price. To request an appointment, call 814-238-7005.
More Info: www.centrecountyrecycles.org/

June 2020 – Frequently Asked Questions!

More Info: www.centrecountyrecycles.org/

May 2020 – Recycling Resumes and Bulk Collection
– Curbside Recycling has resumed. Please continue using your red bins.
– If someone in the household is sick, please throw away recycling.
Spring Bulk Waste Collection will occur between May 18 – 22 on the regular collection day for curbside trash collection customers in Benner, College. Ferguson, Harris, and Patton Townships.
More Info: www.centrecountyrecycles.org/

April 2020 – COVID-19 Updates
– Curbside recycling has been suspended; however, there are recycling containers around town that may still be used.
– Trash is still being collected!
– Commercial Recycling Carts are also still being collected.
More Info: www.centrecountyrecycles.org/

March 2020 – Should We Recycle Plastic?
Centre Country Recycling is still accepting miscellaneous plastics! Recycle bottles, jugs, and jars curbside, and recycle other containers at several drop off locations located around Centre County.
More info: centrecountyrecycles.org/plasticsrecycling

February 2020 – What Do The Numbers Mean?
Did you know that the numbers on plastic containers don’t have anything to do with how to recycle that item? All those numbers mean are the type of plastic the container is made from! Recycle bottles, jugs, and jars curbside, but you can recycle more than just curbside. Recycle miscellaneous plastics at several drop off locations.
More info: centrecountyrecycles.org/plasticsrecycling

January 2020 – Electronic Recycling!

Did you get any new electrics during the holidays and want to recycle your old electronics? You can bring certain items directly to the Centre County Recycling Center. Items like: Laptops, monitors, TVs, cell phones and MORE! There are certain items that will NOT be accepted at the center; those items can just be thrown away. Check out the FULL list of items by CLICKING HERE.
Location: 253 Transfer Road, Bellefonte

December 2019 – Holiday Recycling!
-Corrugated cardboard boxes can be recycled curbside if they are flattened.
-Gift boxes and non-metallic wrapping paper can be recycled.
-Be sure to check with your local municipality for Christmas tree recycling options: Tree Info
More Info on Holiday Recycling can be found by CLICKING HERE for the CCRRA Winter Newsletter!

November 2019 – Plastic grocery bags can be recycled!
Bring them back to the grocery store, put them in the bin located at the front of the store, and they will be reused to make more grocery bags! They need to be clean, dry, and STRETCHY.
You can recycle any plastic that can “stretch” in those grocery bins: Bubble wrap, plastic wrap, the plastic film around your paper towels/toilet paper etc.

October 2019  Recycling at Penn State Football Games!
Once you settle in at your tailgate spot, walk over to an A-Frame labeled for PSU Football Recycling.
The A-Frames contain two colors of bags (blue bags for recycling plastic bottles, glass bottles and aluminum cans – and clear bags for trash). Once you fill your blue bags with bottles and cans, just tie up the bag and leave it at your tailgate. Do the same with your clear trash bag: tie it up and leave it at your tailgate.
CLICK HERE for more info. Courtesy centrecountyrecycles.org