Bumblebee Trailer is out [watch here]

Bumblebee Trailer is out   [watch here]

Bumblebee Trailer is out [watch here]

Just when you think there can’t be any more films in the Transformers franchise, here comes a spinoff the world is ready for — Bumblebee is getting his own movie!

Check out the first trailer here:

A lot of people are saying this film is going to A LOT better than the last few Transformers films.

From Forbes:

“In the latest trailer for Bumblebee, we get to see some of the other Transformers and it’s clear that they have gone back to the Generation Onedesigns and that’s something that is clearly making the fans very happy.

After the consistently awful Transformers films directed by Michael Bay, it’s nice to see that Bumblebee in not only taking a more human route with the story but also that the appalling mecha designs of the last decade of live action films are mostly being dropped.”

Read the complete story here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2018/09/26/bumblebee-is-going-after-the-classic-transformers-fans-with-generation-one-designs/#198f4bdc110f


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