Earthquake-Proof Bed? [WATCH]

Earthquake-Proof Bed? [WATCH]

Earthquake-Proof Bed? [WATCH]

Fortunately I live in a place where earthquakes don’t happen often. Pennsylvania isn’t exactly known for earthquakes. The last time I felt an “earthquake,” I was in college. The vibration was so light, that I honestly thought it was my phone vibrating.

But what if you did live in a place where earthquakes happen every so often. How do you protect yourself? What if you’re sleeping? There’s a video circulating around the internet that shows a bed that will literally swallow you if there is an earthquake happening. The thought is that you would be contained in this box and safe from any damage. Check it out:

Some people thought this was a good idea! Others are roasting this idea like crazy all over the internet!

Okay, so what do you think? Good idea or do you agree with the internet and think it’s a terrible idea? Comment below!


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