Fuller House is No More [WATCH]

Fuller House is No More [WATCH]

Fuller House is No More [WATCH]

Everywhere you loooook... Everywhere you look

Don’t lie… you totally sang that.

The original Full House premiered in 1987 and ran until 1995 for 8 seasons.

The 90s nostalgia is for real right now, which is why decided to come back with Fuller House in 2016. This time on Netflix!

I have to admit – I watch this show! Yeah, it’s cheesy… but I enjoy the characters and the cute story lines.

Well, unfortunately the show is coming to an end for the second time. The fifth and final season will end this fall. The show released an announcement. You can watch that below.

I’ll be sad… but fortunately Netflix is coming out with a bunch of content in 2019 to look forward to.

Are you upset about the cancellation? Comment below!


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