Is Ariana Grande headed to space?!

Is Ariana Grande headed to space?!

Is Ariana Grande headed to space?!

Is one of the world’s biggest Pop Stars headed into the final frontier?! 

It wouldn’t be completely unbelievable… considering these days with enough cash you can buy a trip into space.  

BUT….. It doesn’t seem like that’s what Ariana is actually up to. 

Ariana Grande got to literally hang with some of the smartest people in the universe when she stopped by the NASA Space Center before her concert in Texas.

Grande hit up NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston on Saturday, the day before she was set to perform at Houston’s Toyota Center.

The singer caught the attention of the space agency after she released her song, “NASA,” on her Thank U, Next album.


During her visit, Grande met with astronomers and scientists, autographed space gear and even slipped into a legit astronaut suit.

She wrote on Instagram, “My mind is still processing and devouring every second of what just happened but I can’t wait to share more. What a special day and experience. Thank you so so so so much for your generosity and for showing my friends n i around.”


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