Kennedy’s Kick-start: Honesty check

Kennedy’s Kick-start: Honesty check

Kennedy’s Kick-start: Honesty check

Okay so I needed some serious self love in my life over the past few weeks. *HONESTY CHECK* Being in a Toxic relationship had me looking, feeling and thinking all all sorts crap! Not only have I been skipping my blogs but also not putting my all into life. Skipping the gym, eating whatever I wanted and blamed it on depression over being dumped, making excuses and canceling plans that can really help me grow and feel better. ALL FOR WHAT??? Some crappy relationship!  So I woke the hell up and offered me some self love! I think that we all hit a point that we kinda just give up on ourselves. We stop loving us and let the BS sink in! STOP! WE NEED THE LOVE! In the words of Coco Chanel ” Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” and self love is BEAUTIFUL!  So I decided to start all over and pull myself together. I have been killing it at and holy amazing results once I started caring and stopped feeling sorry for myself. 10 pounds down and looking like a snack instead of shoving them in my face! Found a bad ass group of girls to help me get out of my feelings and I started setting some serious boundaries with family, friends and men. This month was all about getting toxicity out of my life and replacing it with love! If you are going through it and need some motivation, take this as a sigh that YOU’VE GOT THIS! Next week will be a new blog following this crazy journey of self love, health, fitness and life! Oh, and maybe even in time I will start to open my heart again… trust me, my dating life usually makes for one HILARIOUS blog. So join me in Kick-starting 2020! LOVE YOU!!!

xx Kennedy


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