The Beginning of a Beautiful Self Love Story!

The Beginning of a Beautiful Self Love Story!

The Beginning of a Beautiful Self Love Story!


Well it has been about 2 years of heart break, mental mush, bad habits and self destruction so I think that it is time to turn this ish around! It is 2020 and I am so excited for new beginnings all the way around. I am new to the area, I just moved in officially a few days ago from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area and before that Hawaii! I use to be all around a healthier person. Healthier eating, activities, men, mentally and self love. Then at some point about 2 1/2 years ago I got off track. I stopped loving me and sopped appreciating my inner light and just cared about what everyone else wanted. Friends, family, career and in my romantic relationships. Much needed “ME” moments were being avoided all the time! So after practically having a breakdown I chose to turn it around. I quit my job, signed on with 7 Mountains Radio, moved to State College, PA, revamped toxic relationships, committed my self to making healthier choices of what I put in my body… although I still love my wine, I mean IT IS FRUIT BASED 🙂 and now, as of yesterday, the final link in this self love chain was put into place and I walked my round, potato like body into Elite Edge Gym in Bellefonte, PA to start the process of molding myself into a stronger me.  This is a blog of all around SELF LOVE!!! From food to fun, mental breaks and breakdowns, meditation, adventure, self discovery and everything in between! Anytime you’d like me to try something that works for you or look into a trend you’ve heard of PLEASE email me at and join me in this journey!  I can’t wait to see where it leads me!


xx Kennedy




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