La-Z-Boy with McFlurry’s?

La-Z-Boy with McFlurry’s?

La-Z-Boy with McFlurry’s?

This sounds like a dream come true… it sounds like it’s TOO good to be true.

Imagine chilling on your La-Z-Boy and all of sudden you start craving a sweet treat.

You obviously don’t want to get up from the comfort that is your La-Z-Boy… so what do you do?

Looks like both La-Z-Boy and McDonald’s solved this problem for us with a special couch. Not just any couch… but a couch with a built in McFlurry cooler. So as soon as you sit down, pop in your favorite McFlurry and enjoy it when you’re ready because the couch will keep it cool!

Seems like a neat concept! Check it out…

Sounds like something you want? Well, they’re giving one of these awesome couches away!! Click the link above!

Would you want a couch like this? Comment below!


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