My First COVID-19 Shopping Experience

My First COVID-19 Shopping Experience

My First COVID-19 Shopping Experience

Holy panic mode batman! I don’t think I realized how severe our country is reacting to COVID-19. Restaurants, closed. Supermarkets and Walmart’s closing super early, gas prices at an all time low, business all shut down, stores raided, people freaking out. At the start of all this I wasn’t afraid of this virus and honestly I’m still not but what is terrifying is how the WORLD is reacting. It is global pandemonium!  It truly makes you look at life in a whole other way. I went to the store to stock up on everything, not something I usually do but I am following suit in fear I’ll be stuck with nothing in a week. While I was there I noticed that people were actually more interactive with each other. No one was on there phone they were talking to each other! Complete strangers, voicing their concerns. It was kind of beautiful. It felt like a community, it felt organic. I’ve never gone to the store and talked to anyone other than the workers, today I think I have conversations with about 10 people. The college couple that was stressed out because there was no chicken left and they were trying to figure out what they weren’t going to purchase so they could afford lamb. Two old friends in their 80’s talking in the cleaning section about their worries and how they felt fine but were not sure what was coming as they bumped elbows saying I think this is was we are meant to do. An older man shaking his head as he looked at me and he handed me tissues, saying I guess we are late to the game so this is now our toilet paper. Lastly the ladies I talked to as we patiently waited for the cashier to wipe everything down in between guests. Talking about family members that are stuck places, one was a teacher at Penn State saying that she had never done an online class and she could imagine an older professor trying to teach online. So many scared people, but they were all so kind and open to telling me their story. In a way it feels nostalgic, as if it’s what always should have been. In this time please remember to be kind to each other. We are going through this together. Be safe and if you feel like sharing your experience please email me at

xx Kennedy


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