New Pokemon Game!!!

New Pokemon Game!!!

New Pokemon Game!!!

I remember watching the very first episode of pokemon when it first came out. It was awesome to young me and I was hooked. I only lost interest in the show once the series was 10 years old and went on multiple different paths and there were just too many pokemon to keep track of. I was still older than I should of been but lets not worry about that.

But since I lost interest in the show I have been waiting for the game that will allow me to explore an open world where pokemon are roaming out in the open and you can trail them and capture them. Think Zelda Breath of the Wild but with Ash instead of Link.

Well hopefully we are on our way towards that with their newest game Pokemon Quest. A much more dialed back open world game, where our lovable Pokemon are cube shaped and you lure them in with goodies instead of battling them.


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