Robots & Toilet Paper

Robots & Toilet Paper

Robots & Toilet Paper

Charmin makes toilet paper. And now Rollbot.

You do not have to be tech savvy to “get” toilet paper. You rip off a piece and you wipe. This method has not changed for quite some time. Very little innovation when cleaning your butt.  I mean, there are bidets. But bidets are weird.

But Charmin has announced a some creative bathroom technology that may change the way we think about taking a #2. At the 2020 CES conference, Charmin announced that they are testing out two new products: a robot toilet paper dispenser, and a smell poop meter. 

If you run out of TP on the throne, you can call a robot to deliver a fresh roll of toilet paper to you. The only problem would be if the door is closed. Then you would have to waddle your way to the door to let the robot in. Unless you create a little robot doggie door.

This robot isn’t for sale yet, but when it does become available, Rollbot will roll into your life.


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