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Halsey on the cover of Rolling Stone

Halsey is good at making headlines, and her Rolling Stone Magazine cover, photo shoot and article is not exception. The world is loving Halsey’s sexy shot for the Rolling Stone “Hot Issue.” See more from Rolling Stone here: There has been some online chatter over Halsey’s more natural look. See here: To which, pretty much […]

Stranger Things Season 3 TRAILER!!! Watch here!

Who’s getting excited?! The third season of Stranger Things will drop on Netflix on July 4th. Have you seen the new trailer yet? Also too… If you’re a huge fan… Here’s some Stranger Things stuff you didn’t know you needed: Dustin Chia Pet:   Upside Down Lego set Hawkins Middle School T-shirt   Eleven bleeding-nose […]

New Music from Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes! [VIDEO]

Flash back to 2015 when Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello collaborated on the song I Know What You Did Last Summer… They look like babies!!! But they’re not babies anymore… they’re getting steamy in their new collaboration called Señorita What do you think of their new collab? I think they should do more… comment below!

Mr. Peanut is Coming Out with a Sneaker Line

When I think Mr. Peanut, the last thing that comes to my mind are basketball shoes. I mean, can you imagine a peanut playing basketball? It's a funny image. ACTUALLY, the Wienermobile and the NUTmobile stopped by the radio station one year and we got to see the vehicles up close! How cool! But back [...]

Can You Name All the Celebs That Have Guest Starred in Spongebob?

Can you believe that Spongebob Squarepants is 20 years old? Raise your hand if you feel old. Not only are they going to have a huge Spongebob-related bash at the San Diego Comic Con, but the Spongebob social media released an awesome photo on their social media. This photo has EVERY character that's EVER been on the [...]