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Billie Eilish scares Melissa McCarthy on Ellen

So last week Melissa McCarthy was hanging out with Ellen, minding her own business when Billie Eilish just sorta popped up outta nowhere… literally…  So it all started with this… So how did Billie feel about this remix? … Well judging by this, we’d say she’s pretty cool.   

Ariana Grande Sings Spongebob? [WATCH]

Talk about one of my FAVORITE childhood cartoons!... even though it still plays on TV. I think what's also iconic about Spongebob Squarepants are the amount of catchy songs throughout the series. So catchy that you may see some celebs break out into song... like Ariana Grande! She took to social media to sing a bit of [...]

Details on Adam Levine leaving NBC’s The Voice

Who’s replacing him? …………….  What have the other judges said in response? Find out here. How can this be???  NBC’s The Voice without Adam Levine?? Really? Are you upset? Will you stop watching the show? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.  So what do the other judges have to say about this […]

According to Chewy: NEW Miley Cyrus Album?!

Okay excuse my fangirling for a moment and let’s talk about some hot news that we learned about yesterday, MILEY CYRUS’ NEW ALBUM! She is dropping brand new music on Friday, you heard me, THIS FRIDAY! We are getting some new Miley music. I couldn’t be happier announcing this! Let me say this a third […]