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Adam Levine has a Mohawk?

If you are a fan of the voice then you already know that Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine has decided to go a new route with his hair…A MOHAWK?! Over the years he’s gone from clean cut and preppy to stubbly and edgy. With his many different hair styles this one might have to be […]

According to Chewy: Game of Thrones vs. The Office

Earlier this week a survey came out that said the TV show “The Office” is the most popular show among college students with “Game of Thrones” following in a close second. Looking at the statement, I would have to agree but this Sunday the season premier of Game of Thrones is supposed to have an […]

Animated Addams Family Trailer Out! [WATCH]

Let me set the tone for this blog post before we get started… The original Addams Family debuted in 1964 and only ran until 1966… that being said – it made such an impact. Because they came out with a movie back in 1991!  And it’s back AGAIN with another movie. This time it’s animated with cast […]

Who is Lil’ Nas X? And where is this Road?

I’m a little late to the game, but as Lil’ Town Road played on the radio this morning, I found myself wondering about the artist behind the music. Lil’ Nas X. Who is this kid that has flipped country music and pop music on it’s edge? The more I read, the more complex Lil’ Nas X’s […]

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