The Boba Challenge

The Boba Challenge

The Boba Challenge

At least with this challenge, no one REALLY gets hurt.

The latest internet challenge involves three things: a straw, a drink, and yourself. It’s called the Boba Challenge. Here’s how it works…

Both you and and a friend sit at a table. One person has a blindfold on. The person without the blindfold moves around a drink on top of a table, when they decide to stop the drink, they tap the top of it so the person with the blindfold can get a hint of where the drink may be. Finally, the person with the blindfold must try to successfully insert the straw into the drink!

Sounds easy? It’s not. Check out a bunch of fails below:

So who came up with this?

Who knows. The internet is a weird place.

Have you tried this challenge yet? Comment below!


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