The Masked Dancer is Coming to Television [VIDEO]

The Masked Dancer is Coming to Television [VIDEO]

The Masked Dancer is Coming to Television [VIDEO]

One of my FAVORITE shows on TV right now is FOX’s The Masked Singer. I love how literally only the producers and the masked individual know who is behind the mask. While everyone else in America, including the judges, have to guess the celeb’s identity based on just their voice a few video clues.

Season 1 passes, season 2 passes, and now they’re renewed for a season 3 to start February 2nd, 2020.

After the success of The Masked Singer, we have another similar show on the way. Celebrities will be masked, but this time they are going to be DANCING.

If you’ve watched The Ellen DeGeneres Show, then you may have seen this bit on her show. Welp, she’s the one producing the new upcoming series! Take a look at a taste of what Ellen’s been doing on her show:

At this point, we don’t know who the host or judges will be – but we know Ellen will be behind the show.

The Masked Dancer is going to be MUCH harder since you won’t be hearing their voice – or at least I assume you won’t be hearing their voice. Just watching their moves!

What are your thoughts on the new upcoming show? Comment below!


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