They’re Remaking The Grudge?

They’re Remaking The Grudge?

They’re Remaking The Grudge?

This trailer is not for the faint of heart…

Let’s rewind for a second. Back to 2004 when the first Grudge movie came out. I was NEVER a fan of horror movies. I liked to watch them so I could talk about them with friends, but I never had joy watching a movie that prevented me from sleeping.

So WHY are we remaking The Grudge again?! I mean, the American version was already a remake of the Japanese film Ju-On, which by the way is MUCH scarier than the American version. Seriously.

Fast forward to today… we’re getting another Grudge movie. Check it out:

Unfortunately we won’t see it in time for Halloween this week, but you can watch it to kick off the New Year. This movie drops January 3rd.

Will you be watching? Should this movie be remade? Let me know your thoughts below!


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