Who’s gonna be to be Mayor of State College?

Who’s gonna be to be Mayor of State College?

Who’s gonna be to be Mayor of State College?

Being involved in local government is incredibly important. And being Mayor is the popular, high profile role that most people know about.

Most times getting a position like Mayor involves campaigning, and months of marketing. Well, State College’s mayor Donald M. Hahn is leaving to become a judge and State College needs a new mayor by the end of the year. The Borough Council has 45 days after the vacancy to find a new Mayor and they were accepting applications. Hopefully you applied!


  • What is the process to appoint a new Mayor? Find it here.
  • How much time needed? In 2018, it is estimated that Mayor Hahn spent approximately 18 hours per week working.
  • Who can apply? The selected candidate must be at least 18 years old and a State College resident.
  • How long is term? The elected Mayor will fill the remaining 2 years of the term (normally a 4-year term).
  • What does the Mayor do?
    • The Mayor is the presiding officer of Council
    • The Mayor is the ceremonial head and official representative of the Municipality.
    • The Mayor does not have the right to vote upon any matter before Council, but the Mayor shall approve or veto any ordinance of Council
  • Does the Mayor get paid? The Mayor’s position is part-time with a small salary.



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